August Extravaganza


First up we will hear from Stuart Holmes from Newcastle Building Society who works a software developer talking about the ‘Design process of a website’.

This talk covers Stuart’s process of creating a website. From the initial idea to the final product and the steps required to convert it to a design system for reuse.

After a small break - we have Peter Grainger who works on the Business Cloud Accounting product at Sage, giving his talk ‘Contain yourself - Docker for developers’.

Peter will give us a quick intro to Docker, and tell us why you should use docker for local development and how it can be applied to front end / back end to avoid wasting loads of time and frustration setting the whole team up and fixing weird bugs.


Our thanks to the amazing tombola, the fantastic Big Bite. They make this whole thing possible by paying for the pizza and drinks.


Tickets are up for grabs here 11:00 on the 25th of July. Make sure you're on the mailing list and you'll get a reminder email on the morning of the 25th.

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