May the fourth be with you


Ben Cooper from Clicksco will be telling us all about about frontend rendering performance this month. Something that, much like the force, is all around us and—when used correctly—can be a very powerful ally. Rendering performance is becoming such a prominent figure in web applications that not having an understanding will cost you dearly in the eyes of your users. Understanding how the browser optimises rendering and what the app lifecycle consists of, your apps will be running at a silky smooth 60 FPS in no time. He came highly recommended by Mr CSS Wizardry himself, so you know he’s good.

Remember, Frontend NE will be a day earlier than normal this month. May the fourth be with you…


Tickets are up for grabs here 11:00 on the 27th of April. Make sure you're on the mailing list and you'll get a reminder email on the morning of the 27th.

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