Frontend NE is a free, monthly meet up about frontend development, based in Newcastle. Free beer, pizza, and a discount at the pub round the corner to boot … what more could you ask for!

The first meetup was back in April 2015.

Meet the team

  • Martin Underhill

    Martin Underhill

    Martin is a front-end developer/designer, father of one and husband of another.

    He runs tempertemper, a tiny web design studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he designs, builds and maintains sites for small businesses who take their web presence seriously. He also does freelance work as a front-end dev for larger teams.

  • Colin Oakley

    Colin Oakley

    Colin is a front-end developer and co-organiser of Frontend NE.

    Having worked at various agencies in the North East, he is now a front-end developer in Government.

    He is a big fan of Node, Sass and accessibility.

  • Sam Beckham

    Sam Beckham

    Sam is a front-end developer and co-organiser of Frontend NE.

    With over 5 years industry experience, his past work includes, Blackberry, Stoke FC and Nexus. He likes messing around on CodePen and has one of the most loved pens of 2014, nice.

    You can follow him as samdbeckham on Github, Twitter, or Codepen. Yes, the D stands for David; and no, there’s no relation (unfortunately).

  • Nick Murphy

    Nick Murphy

    Nick is an IT support manager in Gateshead with a passion for music production and sound engineering and a talent for fixing problems. The crew at Frontend NE knew he had the skills, the knowhow and the kit to make FrontendNE sound amazing and lured him in with the promise of fame and free pizza.

    He is currently learning JavaScript so that FrontendNE makes sense to him as well as sounding great.

  • Kaspars Zarinovs

    Kaspars Zarinovs

    Kaspars works at Gospelware, a digital agency in Newcastle upon Tyne, where he gets to do bits of everything from server management, database admin, writing APIs and creating various JavaScript based front-end applications.

    Outside the world of interwebs he likes to enjoy a good craft beer, playing ice hockey and snowboarding.

    Contrary to popular opinion, Kaspars is definitely not Canadian.

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